Cypress company smoothly through the CMA expansion of the certification site audit



2016 January 11 - 12 company for a period of two days of CMA expansion of the on-site audit, the expansion of a total of 16 products, 133 test items, including liquefied petroleum gas, grade propylene, industrial polymerization with butadiene, lubricating oil, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide products. Review group pass on laboratory management system, personnel files, archives equipment, detection method, environment and facilities, reagents and standard management, sample disposal, testing quality control activities, a comprehensive and detailed review and confirmation of the record and report the results and other factors, and arrange the sample test-retest, personnel, equipment matching ratio and blind sample testing and other variety of ways to carry out field trials. The audit team teachers fully affirmed the quality of the laboratory and technical management work at the same time, put forward the need to improve the place, the final announcement of the laboratory through the on-site audit.
Company in has been made based on gasoline and diesel quality certification, certification expansion, expand the areas of detection, enhance the service ability and market competitiveness of the laboratory, to build a comprehensive, first-class testing company laid the foundation.