Cypress company successfully passed the CNAS site audit

2016 April 9 - 10, the company for a period of two days of CNAs laboratory accreditation on-site review, the review by the China National Accreditation Committee of three judges to apply for recognition of all the elements and all technical capacity, a total of 18 species products, 107 analysis standard, 143 detection project, on-site audit, including car with gasoline, car use ethanol, gasoline, ethanol, gasoline harmonic components of oil, automotive diesel, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, polymerization grade propylene, industrial butadiene, lubricating oil, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide products. Review group pass on laboratory management system, personnel files, archives equipment, detection method, environment and facilities, reagents and standard management, sample disposal, testing quality control activities, a comprehensive and detailed review and confirmation of the record and report the results and other factors, and arrange the sample test-retest, personnel, equipment matching ratio and blind sample testing and other variety of ways to carry out field trials.
Accreditation group teacher in full recognition of the quality of the laboratory and technical management work at the same time, put forward the need to improve the place, and finally announced that the laboratory meets the CNAS laboratory accreditation requirements, successfully passed the site audit. Company has been achieved in the CMA laboratory identified based on have achieved the CNAs laboratory accreditation, inspection report issued by the international mutual recognition, enhance the market of Albertson Laboratory of trust, improve the credibility of the enterprise, enhance the service ability and market competitiveness of the laboratory, laid the foundation to build a comprehensive, first-class testing company.