PetroChina Beijing sales company to the company for technical exchange



June 2016 13-14, the Beijing company's quality department, Zhang Tielun, director of the company led the quality inspection center line 5 people to the company for technical exchange. Director Zhang first visited the scene of product quality analysis and control; then in Bai Sen company current detection method standards, testing equipment, laboratory management and technical operation of an in-depth and meticulous study, and conducted a field experiment. After nearly 2 days of communication, Zhang, director of the line of a detailed understanding of the device configuration and use of the laboratory equipment and the use of quality and technology management, and gave a high degree of evaluation. Back to Beijing oil experts brought us in establishing the independent oil seal sample process, to enhance the laboratory sample management level is very beneficial.
Through this exchange, Sen Sen laboratory testing capabilities, management level, product quality and other highly recognized by the other side, for the further development of the two sides to lay a good foundation for further development.